Online Certificate - Basic Course in Gynecological and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound


Video Presentations

This MCQ is based upon the 'Basic Course in Gynecological and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound' online video presentations which can be viewed using the following link:

Note: You have to register separately on the TalkingSlides site to obtain a password which will allow you to access the video presentations.


Online MCQ and Certificate

In order to take the MCQ for this course you must first register as a user on our online courses section and then enrol on the Basic course which in turn grants you access to the MCQ.

If you achieve the required passmark in the MCQ you will be able to download a certificate of completion.


If you have already registered and enrolled successfully you may login now at


The following will assist you in registering and enrolling:



a) Go to our courses page

b) Click on the link for the 'Basic Course in Gynecological and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound' listed under 'Available courses'

c) Click on the 'Create new account' button

d) Complete the form and click on the 'Create my new account' button (Note: Your username must be all lowercase. The first and last names you enter here will be printed on your certificate if you reach the required pass mark.). PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR USERNAME/PASSWORD

e) Check the email account you have used for a welcome email which will ask you to confirm your registration. Follow the instructions supplied.

f) You should now see a page confirming your successful registration. Click on the 'Courses' button which will take you to the courses enrolment page



Note: Please ensure you are logged in before attempting to enrol - check the top right hand corner of the course page which will indicate if you are logged in.


g) To enrol on the course click on the 'Basic Course in Gynecological and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound' link

h) Enter the enrolment key - FOG2012 (Note: case sensitive) and click the 'Enrol me' button. You will only have to enter this enrolment key once.


Once you have completed the above steps you will have access to the MCQ. You may logout and log back into the site at any time using the username and password you have created during the registration.


If you have any problems please email and we will try to help