Focus on Gynecology Mission Statement

Focus on Gynecology is an educational initiative conceived by a group of gynecologists from the United Kingdom, Sweden and other European countries, which aims to provide a vehicle for sharing and distributing clinical and scientific knowledge in an open environment free of regional, organisational or political constraints.

Our aim is to cover mainly benign gynecological conditions. In comparison to gynecological cancer, benign gynecological conditions attract much less attention form health professionals and general public. Although cancer affects only a very small number of women attending gynecology clinics, a disproportional amount of clinical and scientific resources is focused on screening, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancer. We hope to help to redress this imbalance to some extent by diverting some attention to many benign conditions, which adversely affect quality of life of many, particularly younger women.

Focus on Gynecology has no office base and no formal affiliations to any professional or commercial organisations. The forum is supported by a network of experienced clinicians and scientists, who are keen to share their knowledge in order to improve and advance gynecological practice worldwide. The site is open to all health professionals worldwide with interests in any aspect of gynecological care.

Focus on Gynecology will endeavour to organise a series of courses and meetings, to cover novel developments and other topics of clinical importance. In the absence of a complex administrative structure, the cost of meetings is kept low in order to make them affordable to a wide audience.

Focus on Gynecology also endeavours to provide a continually updated web-based presence to facilitate on-going discussions, networking and sharing of information.





Topic leads:

Paediatric and adolescent gynecology – Sarah Creighton

Sub fertility - Rehan Salim

Gynecological endocrinology and menopause - Etienne Horner

Congenital uterine anomalies – Davor Jurkovic

Uterine fibroids – Naaila Aslam

Adenomyosis – Joel Naftalin

Postmenopausal bleeding – Lil Valentin

Ovarian Tumours – Joseph Yazbek

Endometriosis – Ertan Sardogan

Operative hysteroscopy – Raul Margara

Urogynecology – Arvind Vashist

Early pregnancy complications – Jackie Ross

Recurrent miscarriage – Raj Rai

Molar pregnancy – Eric Jauniaux

Ectopic Pregnancy – Davor Jurkovic

Family planning and contraception – Zara Heider

Gynecological ultrasound – Lil Valentin

News section – Natalie Nunes, Will Hoo