Uterine anomalies workshop: Novel developments
in diagnosis and management

Friday 16th December 2011

Organisers: Ms. Sarah Creighton and Mr. Davor Jurkovic


This one day workshop was aimed at clinicians with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of Müllerian anomalies. The aim was to provide an in depth overview of the etiology, classification and clinical impact of these complex congenital conditions. The panel included a number of leading experts in this area, who provided a comprehensive review of current clinical practice and recent research developments including practical advice on overcoming difficulties in diagnosis and treatment. The course was suitable for gynecologists, surgeons, fertility specialists and other health professionals working in this field.



Academy of Medical Sciences

41 Portland Place

London W1B 1QH


Professor Maribel Acien, Alicante, Spain

Professor Adam Balen, Leeds, UK

Ms. Gail Busby, Consultant Gynecologist, Manchester, UK

Ms. Sarah Creighton, Consultant Gynecologist, London, UK

Mr. Alfred Cutner, Consultant Gynecologist, London, UK

Dr. Margaret Hall-Craggs, Consultant Radiologist, London, UK

Mr. Hayden Homer, Lecturer in Reproductive Medicine, London, UK

Mr. Davor Jurkovic, Consultant Gynecologist, London, UK

Dr. Lih-Mei Liao, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, London, UK

Mr. Ertan Saridogan, Consultant Gynecologist, London, UK




09.15 - 09.25Welcome and Introduction

 Ms. Sarah Creighton

Session I

Causes and Classification of Müllerian Anomalies

Chair: Mr. Ertan Saridogan


09.25 - 09.45Embryology of Müllerian Development

Prof. Maribel Acien


09.45 - 10.05Genetics of Müllerian anomalies

Mr. Hayden Homer


10.05 - 10.25Classification of Müllerian Anomalies

Prof. Maribel Acien


10.25 - 10.40Discussion


10.40 - 11.10COFFEE

Session II

Diagnosis of Müllerian Anomalies

Chair: Ms. Sarah Creighton


11.10 - 11.30Ultrasound

Mr. Davor Jurkovic


11.30 - 11.50MRI

Dr. Margaret Hall-Craggs


11.50 - 12.00Discussion


Session III

Clinical Implications of Müllerian Anomalies

Chair: Prof. Maribel Acien


12.00 - 12.20Müllerian anomalies in adolescents – agenesis and obstruction

Ms. Sarah Creighton


12.20 - 12.50 Impact of Müllerian anomalies on reproductive health

Prof. Adam Balen


12.50 - 13.10 Discussion


13.10 - 14.00 LUNCH

Session IV

Session IV - Management of Müllerian anomalies

Chair: Mr. Davor Jurkovic


14.00 - 14.20Non-surgical treatments

Ms. Gail Busby


14.20 - 14.40Psychological impact of Müllerian anomalies

Dr. Lih-Mei Liao


14.40 - 15.00Hysteroscopy

Mr. Ertan Saridogan


15.00 - 15.30Laparoscopy

Mr. Alfred Cutner


15.30 - 15.40Discussion


15.40 - 16.00TEA

Session V

Future research

Chair: Prof. Adam Balen


16.00 - 16.30 Directions for future research - Topics and methodological considerations.

 Faculty discussion


16.30 - 17.00Summary and Close